Daily Inspiration: Renewing of your mind

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“You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you” ~ Unknown

This quote reminded me of Romans 12:2. How often do we try to change what is going on around us – the things, the situation, the people? Change has to come from within – by the renewal of your mind. If this seems like a far fetched, airy fairy saying or something that people just say – then think about it this way: how can you expect/want others to change, if you are not willing to do so yourself.

Change frightens us. Change makes us feels uncomfortable. Change is something we try to avoid as much as possible. So maybe we should change the way we see change and rather say  “transform” and “renew”. The word transform means to make a marked change in the form, nature, or appearance of. And the word renew means to resume after an interruption or to give fresh life or strength.

Let the Holy Spirit be the transformer of your heart and mind. Let Him make a noticeable change in the form, nature and appearance of your heart and mind, so that you can resume your focus on and relationship with God. And also that your relationship with God can have fresh life and strength.

Dear Lord, thank you for the Word You placed in my heart. Thank you for the transformation and renewal You want to bring in my life. Here is my heart and my mind Lord. Here I am Lord, all of me. I am ready to let the Holy Spirit make a transformation in me, so that I can have a renewed mind. Change the form, nature and appearance of my heart and mind.  I want to resume focus on You and for my relationship with You to have fresh life and strength. All to Your glory Father. In Jesus Name. Amen.









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