Daily Inspiration: Love one another


This verse is part of a passage in the Word with the heading “The Imperative of Love” (1 John 3:10-15). The word “imperative” means of vital importance, crucial, giving an authoritative command. This is how important LOVE is to God. It is of utmost and vital importance to God. It is a simple task – love one another. The word doesn’t say you have to agree with one another all the time or be best friends with one another. Just love one another. Let God show you His love for others, let Him love others through you. This will change your life!

Dear God, thank you for Your love. Thank you for sending Your Son to show us what love looks like. Thank you that You love me, unconditionally. Lord, let me be a vessel to let Your Holy Spirit love others through me. Open my eyes Lord, so that I may see others the way You see them. Here I am Lord, I am Yours. Thank  you for Your mercy and love for all people. I praise Your name. You are my Father and my God. Your name is above all names! Almighty is Your name! Thank you Lord, for showing me Your love everyday. I love You, LORD! In Jesus Name, amen.



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