Daily Inspiration: No greater LOVE!


Photography by Melinda Maidment


In John 15:9-17 Jesus is talking about love and joy. The greatest act of love that there will ever be is when Jesus died for us. What a mind blowing thought! Something that is too big for our minds to fully comprehend. Yet, God did it anyway, because of how much He loved, loves and will always love us.

Jesus didn’t just lay His life down for some people, He did it for everyone! And what is even more amazing – He calls us His friends! We are all His friends.

Thank you Jesus, for what you did for me and for loving me so much that You died for me. Thank you for calling me Your friend and for making me part of Your family. Thank you for not only dying for me that I may be set free, but also for rising from the grave! Jesus is NOT dead! God is NOT dead! The Holy Spirit lives inside of me and I thank you for this, Lord! Let Your love overwhelm me! In Jesus name! Amen.


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