Relationship – Spending time with God


We often only seek God and pray when things aren’t going too well or when we need or want something… like an ungrateful child, who only knocks on their parents’ door, call or try to find them when the going gets tough. Then when we get what we want, we disappear again, until we need something again…

As a parent, or maybe you want to be a parent one day, just think how this will break your heart. I know that I will be distraught and deeply saddened by it, if this were to happen to me. I would want my children to love spending time with me, talking, having fun together, laughing and sometimes even crying together. I would want to have a wonderful open relationship with my children with open communication lines about anything and everything, a warm place where they want to spend time and can be comfortable to be themselves. The type of relationship where anything can be talked about, no matter how good or bad.

If that is the type of relationship parents long for and future parents hope for, don’t you think that God longs for the same type of relationship? Don’t you think that He longs to share in not only the bad times? Don’t you think that He wants to also know about the small things in your life? Don’t you think that God wants to have conversations with you all the time about anything and everything? He longs to have a relationship with all of His children.

If we look at Adam and Eve, right after they ate from the fruit, they hid when they heard God when He was ‘walking’ in the garden. God then called Adam, asking him where he was, but Adam was hiding (Genesis 3:8 & 9). Please allow me to interpret this in my own way:

I think that before Adam ate from the fruit, he used to ‘hang out’ with God. I think that God and Adam would take ‘walks’ (as the Word describes it), taking a nice relaxing stroll and talked a bit. I think they talked about how the day was. Maybe they talked about the names that Adam gave the animals, or maybe Adam consulted God in the naming process. Maybe Adam even shared something funny that one of the animals did. Maybe Adam told God about a flower or tree he saw that he really liked. Maybe he told God how amazing all the animals, plants and everything else that God made was. Maybe he told God how thankful he was that God made him, and all the things that God wass providing. Maybe he talked to God about his wife. Telling God how beautiful she was, how grateful he was for her, how much he loved her, and thanking God for her.

I think that my description above on how I think God and Adam talked, is what any parent wants from their children, and what God wants from us. The GOOD NEWS is that we can have a relationship with God. It starts with you, God is always there.

As we are winding down 2016, and we have some time off from work, or spend time with friends and family, let’s focus on relationships. Let’s make time for our family and most importantly, let’s make time for God.

Today I am thankful for my wonderful parents, you have taught me about love and relationships. I was able to have a relationship with God, because of the relationship I have with you, and through my relationship with God, I learned how to have an even better relationship with you.  I love and appreciate you!


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