Peace vs. Negativity – the choice is yours

I recently received this picture and it got me thinking…


This can be a life changing decision to make, to choose peace (God’s peace), instead of negativity.

This does not by any means mean that negativity is not around us, it doesn’t mean that we live in irrational and ignorant bliss, turning a blind eye to what is actually happening in the world. What it means is to make a choice not to let the negativity of the world and your circumstances get to you. I heard this saying once by Goi Nasu:


What we need to understand is that it is a choice. Do we let the water/negativity get to us? But how often do we say, ‘I had no choice’? It is easier to blame it on circumstances. We so often and so easily blame others and anyone or anything else. But we need to stop pointing fingers and realise that all this time you made the choice to be overwhelmed by the negativity. You made the choice to let it affect you and you made the choice to let that determine the way in which you react. I know that it is not that easy, believe me, I know. And I am far from the point where I choose not to let negativity or circumstances affect me at all. It is something we have to practice and choose every day. We need to focus and refocus ourselves all the time. How you decide to do that is up to you.

Here are some steps that you can try:

  • Start by identifying something in your day that can act as a reminder. E.g. Whenever you make yourself a cup of coffee, when you check your emails, anything that you do often in the day. This will be your reminder to refocus yourself. No matter what happened prior to this point.
  • During this time when you try to refocus yourself you will have to find out what best helps you to refocus. E.g. a specific verse for that day or week or until there is a new verse that speaks to you. Maybe it can be a prayer and talking to God that will refocus the mind and heart. It can also be a song. Whatever it may be, use it as a tool, to refocus on God again.
  • Over time you will not only do this on the times that you have identified to do it, you will be led by the Spirit when you have to refocus. It might not always be a case of refocusing, it can be a time of intimacy with God, connecting with Him.
  • This exercise will become a habit and then turn into your lifestyle. Connecting with God more and more often in the day.

I have recently started to read a book by Pieter van Jaarsveld: ‘Dink jouself gelukkig’ (‘Think yourself happy’). It is a very interesting book, and I have learned a lot from it already. One of the studies mentioned in the book that really stood out for me: They asked people who were seriously depressed (people who find it too hard to get out of bed some days) to sign up on a website, log in every day and list three things that they find positive. Even if it is only that the sun is shining. Within 5 days some of these people went from being seriously depressed to moderately depressed. If this can make such a big difference in 5 days, imagine what a difference it can make in your lifetime. In our ladies Bible study group we decided to have a ‘positive buddy’ – a person you send a message to every day about something positive in your day – it may be one thing or ten things. If each person sent the other only one positive thought, they get a double dose of positive, because they give one and receive one. This has helped so much that on the less positive days, we have been able to put a positive spin on what is making us negative. It is a decision we had to make, and still make on a daily basis.

Do not let negativity exist in your mind and in your heart. Choose positivity. Choose to think the thoughts that God has for you. Focus on Him and His goodness. If you want to read more on focus, click here to read one of my previous blogs: Fear vs. Focus part 3 in the Fear series.

Challenge yourself with positivity this week, focus on God no matter how big or difficult the circumstances.

Feel free to leave a reply in the comment box below, I would love to hear from you. ♥


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