The Only Certainty


Photo by Melinda Maidment

“The only certainty is that nothing is certain…”


I read this quote the other day and I was stunned, and not in a good  way. What a lie! From a worldly perspective – sure – NOTHING is certain. Another quote that comes to mind – “there is no such thing as a sure thing…”  Well, I beg to differ…

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Like Father, like son


Photography by Melinda Maidment


Like father, like son…

This is a well-known saying and we use it often. Here is what the saying means: a son’s character or behaviour can be expected to resemble that of his father.

This past weekend we spent time with family and friends. My husband and his family are bikers and so are most of our friends, so a large part of the weekend was dedicated to riding motorcycles. I don’t come from a biking background, but I have learnt a lot about riding and motorbikes in the past year, so please bear with me.

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From Knowledge to Believing to Action: Part 6 – Be Still and Know


In the previous blog post we said that going over into action after gaining the knowledge and then believing it, is to move towards God – seeking Him and His Kingdom. This year in our ladies ministry at church the verse that we started the year off with is Psalms 46:10

“Be still, and know that I am God;”

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