Good news… God is never too busy!

God is never too busy 2

Photograph by Melinda Maidment

Often I hear people at my work say, “God is too busy to worry about your problems, He has way bigger problems to worry about than you and your little problems.” Have you heard someone say that before?

Let me assure you God is NEVER too busy for you!!

God took the time to make you, to carefully form you in your mother’s womb (Ps 139:13). He made you FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY, His works are MARVELOUS (Ps 139:14)! His works are perfect and all His ways are just (Deut 32:4).  And you know what, you are His work, you are marvellous, you are perfect! You are not hidden for Him (Ps 139:15). The days of your life is written in His book (Ps 139:16). He has PRECIOUS thoughts (Ps 139:17), He thinks about you always, you are His thoughts, does that not make you precious? This is how important you are to God… important enough to make you so carefully, wonderfully, thoughtfully, precious, marvellous, perfect!! How can our God not care about us??

 For He so loved the world that He gave His only Son (John 3:16), is that not the ultimate price to pay and sacrifice to make? Is that not the greatest act of love ever? He loves us that much and more! We care about those we love, how much more does God not care about us?

He has plans and dreams for us for a future, hope and peace (Jer 29:11). Why would He not care about us now, if He cares about our future? God said that He wants us to have life, a life in abundance (John 10:10).

God is never too busy for you and what you are going through! Remember that He is bigger than whatever you are going through and that Jesus is knocking on the door, He wants you to open up to Him and give your problems to Him. Do not carry your burdens alone, thinking that God is too busy for you. He dealt with your problems, issues, worries, hurt, sickness and so much more on the cross, when Jesus died for all of us, to do away with this, so that we can live the life He planned for us, which is far greater than what we can even imagine. Take His hand every day and know that He loves you, know that He is always there for you and know that you are important enough for Him!!!


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