Good news… God is never too busy!

God is never too busy 2

Photograph by Melinda Maidment

Often I hear people at my work say, “God is too busy to worry about your problems, He has way bigger problems to worry about than you and your little problems.” Have you heard someone say that before?

Let me assure you God is NEVER too busy for you!! Continue reading


Fear part 5 – Your will be done Lord

Your will be don Lord

Photograph by Melinda Maidment

We so often tell ourselves in times of fear – “I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid”, repeating this over and over. Does this really help us when we are afraid? No, all we do is focus on fear. It is the same as the example I gave in one of the previous blogs about fear. When you tell a child, “Don’t fall”, their focus will be on falling, even though you say “don’t”. I have found that actually admitting that you are afraid is the first step in overcoming the fear. Your reaction that follows after admitting that you are afraid is what is important.

The first example that I want to look at is Jesus. When Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane to pray before He knew that He will be betrayed and crucified, He was afraid. Who will not be fearful if they knew that they will be murdered shortly. Jesus knew what He had to face. Continue reading

Fear part 4 – Perfect love

Perfect Love

Photo by Melinda Maidment


What is the opposite of fear? There are a lot of antonyms for fear: assurance, calmness, faith, happiness, joy, trust, courage, comfort, unconcern and love. Let’s look at love. There are so many verses about love in the Bible, we can keep each other busy for hours. The Bible itself is God’s love letter to us. So let’s just look at a few verses about what love is. Continue reading

Fear Part 3 – Focus vs. Fear

Focus vs. Fear

Photo by Melinda Maidment

When you get faced with a fearful situation we are controlled by that fear, all we can focus on is the fear or what we are afraid of. Our focus is moved from God and everything else. Focus in itself is a whole new topic and can result in a new series, but for now I am only going to be applying it to fear. The definition of focus is the centre of interest or activity, the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition, adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly or pay particular attention to. Knowing that in this instance we are referring to focusing the mind and not necessarily referring to vision, I included the definitions for having clear vision as well. Continue reading

Fear Part 2 – Pathways in our minds

Fear does not only occupy our minds and hearts, it overpowers us, controls us, it holds us back and it cripples us… But the worst part of all of that is – we allow it. The reality is, that we are faced with fearful situations all the time. We all have a fight or flight reaction, an instinct that kicks in in situations we face. It is the way our minds work, good news is that there is a way we can learn control to this. (I will go into more detail about this later.) Continue reading